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Cloud Comfy™ Cervical Pillow

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Statistics have shown that over 60% of people are NOT getting enough sleep at night. Yes, you heard that right. SIXTY PERCENT! Well, the biggest reason is neck pain and back pain at night.


Are you tired of sleeping with the pillows that are just not right for you?Say goodbye to aches and discover ultimate sleeping comfort with our Sleep.
  • Do you hate waking up with a stiff neck every morning?
  • Do you always have a bad mood in the morning and just consider yourself not to be a morning person?
  • Treat yourself with our unique Cloud Comfy™ Cervical Pillow, the best pillow for neck pain, and experience a night as you have never before.


  • Will help relieve pressure on the lower back
  • Correctly positions your head and neck so you can sleep properly and wake up refreshed.
  • Improves your posture while you're sleeping.
  • Easy to clean, breathable cover
  • Provides Sciatica, neck, back & hip pain relief at night
  • The Ergonomically contoured design keeps your neck, and spine in ideal alignment while sleeping
  • Relieve strains on troublesome areas and promote circulation
  • Quality Pillow = Quality Sleep
 ✅Improves your posture while you're sleeping.
 ✅Relieve strains on troublesome areas and promote circulation
 ✅Will help relieve pressure on the lower back
 ✅Correctly positions your head and neck so you can sleep properly


  1. Concaved head basin 
  2. Raised side sleeper face support 
  3. Arched neck pressure relief cushion
  4. Sloped neck alignment ramp
  5. Curved shoulder cushion


This orthopaedic pillow is the right pillow for a variety of sleeping positions. But we typically recommend you try the pillow on your back first as lying on your back best promotes a healthy spinal alignment. But if you cannot sleep on your back you can also use this contour pillow for side sleeping. 


We've sold around 2000+ pillows and received so amazing reviews from our customers on our websites and social media platforms. We're so glad that our cervical pillow helped you to sleep better than ever before. For more reviews scroll down to the bottom.



The Cloud Comfy™ Cervical Pillow is constructed from a slow-rebounding memory foam, which means it will feel soft while you sleep, while still being stiff enough to promote proper sleeping ergonomics and neck alignment.



Our cervical pillow is made of breathable and odourless memory foam, it can stay the shape after using a long time. Definitely, It is a natural fibre, total zero formaldehyde. 
 ***Remember! not sold in the retail store. Beware of low-quality knock offs on other sites with no tracking information. ***

Get one for yourself and for your loved ones ♥️

MATERIAL: Polyester, Cotton, Memory Foam
PRODUCT WEIGHT:  1-3 lb ( 0.5-1 kg )
PRODUCT SIZE (L X W X H) : 60 x 34 x 11 cm
GENDER: Unisex


PACKAGE CONTENTS:1 × Cloud Comfy™ Cervical Pillow

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Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Gust Smith

My mother used to complain that her pillow was uncomfortable, so I ordered this for her to try. The shape of the pillow is good for neck support and provides a night of comfortable sleep. I’ve ordered many pillows before, but this one stands out and my mother loves it.

Carlie McClinsey
we've bought 7 yess 7 and it is worth it.

I initially bought one of these pillows for my boyfriend as a Christmas present. He has back problems and I thought that a better pillow might serve him well. When it came in, I loved it so much that I bought myself one. Today, after my mom had gotten the chance to feel it, she asked me to buy her FIVE (yes, 5 total) for herself, my dad and my sister. I love these pillows and will certainly recommend them to anyone sho is looking for a comfy memory foam pillow.

Mikel Windler
Great for my needs - neck pain

I absolutely love this pillow!! Before I got it, I was suffering from daily neck pain and headaches. After using the pillow, I no longer have horrible neck pain or headaches.
At one point, I actually fell asleep on my backup pillow by accident and regretted it literally the next morning. I highly recommend it! So comfortable and the thickness is just perfect!

Patience Rolfson

Great, I ordered 2 for myself, after seeing the result I asked 4 more for my sisters Super fast shipping

Chelsie Beier

Ladies and gentlemen, I am a primarily a side sleeper and sometimes I lay on my back or tummy down. The thickness of the pillow is perfect. I slept so well. I’m so glad I took a chance on this pillow.