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Cloud Comfy™ Orthopedic Sleep Pillow

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Instantly Reduce Neck Pain and Discover Unmatched Comfort Today!

Statistics have shown that over 60% of people are NOT getting enough sleep at night. Yes, you heard that right. SIXTY PERCENT! Well, the biggest reason is neck pain and back pain at night. 

That's why we created Cloud Comfy™ Orthopedic Sleep PillowSay goodbye to aches and discover ultimate sleeping comfort with our Sleep Pillow! It is designed to overcome Cervical Spondylitis, Neck Pain, Osteoarthritis, Migraine, Shoulder Pain, Back Pain, Lower Back Pain. 

It also promotes a healthy sleeping posture, alleviates snoring and improve memory

This pillow is perfect for...

✅A person with stiff shoulders and neck

✅A person with sleep disorders and often feel tired

✅A person who is worried about skin touching the pillow


It is unique to any ordinary pillow in the market. It is filled with 8,000,000 air balls. Each micro airball has a high-density with a low-elasticity, which helps the pillow provide comfortable support while also absorbing small movements that may disturb your sleep. 
The space between the airballs also allows soothing airflow, keeping your pillow cool throughout the night.


This Pillow features to eliminate virtually partly stress and tension in those areas. Thanks to its 3D-curve design, it can absorb small movements during our sleep and continue supporting our heads and proper body alignment. 


It is suitable for all sleeping position. You don't need to stay on your back. Once you sleep on it, Pillow will begin to gently adjust its shape and will provide proper support to your head and neck.


The AirBall Pillow is not only great for bed, but also great while watching TV on the sofa, couch, or even for sleeping at your desk. So say goodbye to your old uncomfortable pillow, and hello to the Cloud Comfy™ Sleep Pillow.


This Sleep Pillow is so well-ventilated that it won't make you hot and sweaty while you sleep. You may not feel the urgent need to hurry to the shower and wash off excess sweat if that's something you normally do. This amazing neck pillow also comes with a removable, skin-friendly pillowcase that is perfect for sensitive skin.


This pillow can be both machines and hand washable, it's convenient for the user to sleep in clean conditions and prevent the production of moisture and others which cause various skin diseases effectively.

Get one for yourself and for your loved ones ♥️

 ***Remember! not sold in the retail store. Beware of low-quality knock offs on other sites with no tracking information. ***


1. Put it in a pillowcase;
2. Position the pillow on your bed;
3. Lie down and place your head into the round groove in its centre. 

NOTE: This is an Orthopaedic Pillow. It is developed for posture correcting so you may feel uncomfortable initially if you have used soft pillows before this one. After using it for a few days, its shape will be changed to fit your neckline and you will become more comfortable.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Very comfy

Very comfy

Niamh Farrell

Other than having to reinforce the stitching on parts of both pillows, they have been amazing at helping our sleep patterns.

Kimberly Wong
Miracle pillow

Upon arrival of the pillow, i looked at it and was skeptical. It is half the length of a king sized pillow and 2/3rds the width of a king sized pillow. It’s a smaller profile and what seems to be firm rounded sides with a lower, shallower center. The first night I slept with the pillow was one of the best sleep cycles I experienced in years. I haven’t looked back since and I’ve noticed a 80% decrease of tossing and turning. I love the pillow!!!

Liz Prigmore
Very pleased with Cloud Comfy pillow

Have had very good sleep with this pillow, only one disturbed night sice I bought it. Would recommend highly

Julie Boen Evans
The best choice I’ve ever made

After dozens and dozens of pillows. I’ve finally found the one! I have military neck, along with other issues. I’ve tried many pillows, and they were ok, as they were new, and then slowly the issues came back. I’ve never been able to lie on my back in comfort even though the pillow was designed for side and back sleepers. I don’t know how they designed this pillow but the first time I used it, it felt like my head was cradled and my neck felt supported. No matter which way I slept. I wake up without any stiffness or discomfort. it totally worked for me. The other thing I noticed is I’m no longer waking up during the night. And my sheets are not all over the place from me tossing and turning.